Hybrid Swim Shorts

The best waterproof pocket men's board shorts, men's fishing shorts, and men's swim shorts for any kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, beach, or off-road adventure.

100% waterproof pocket hybrid shorts, fishing shorts, and swim trunks tested up to 100 feet deep! Our waterproof shorts have a dry bag built into what is a waterproof pocket that automatically seals water, air, gas tight just by letting go! Our waterproof shorts will keep your phone dry in our waterproof pocket on any outdoor water adventure. We know how to keep a dry pocket dry!

Features of our dry pocket shorts 
Men's Fishing Shorts, Men's board shorts, and Men's swim trunks with dry bags built into what is a waterproof pocket tested up to 100 feet deep. 
 Men's fishing shorts with a waterproof pocket
 Men's swim shorts with a waterproof pocket
Men's board shorts with a waterproof pocket 
Quick drying material
Waterproof shorts meaning that some of our styles are quick dry 
90% polyester and 10% spandex for a comfortable fit that stretches for range of motion. 
The waterproof pocket inside our waterproof shorts are made from 90% biodegradable recycled material 
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