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Grey Automatic Self Sealing Backpack Dry Bag - Waterproof Bag

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World's First & Only Auto Sealing Backpack Dry Bag. Our Dry Pocket Dry Bag Can Act As A Buoy Floating While Keeping Everything Inside Dry. 

The Best Backpack Dry Bag That Automatically Seals On Its Own. This Waterproof Bag Is Perfect For Kayaking, Fishing, Paddle Boarding, Or Spending The Day On The Beach.

Dry Pocket waterproof bags are built for the outdoor adventurer. Dry Pocket automatic self sealing dry bags seal water, air, gas tight just by letting go! Our backpack dry bags have a 25 Liter waterproof pouch for the main waterproof compartment. Dry Pocket backpack dry bags also have 3 pockets on the outside and 3 pockets on the insideDry Pocket waterproof bags are perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, off-roading, or fishing since it can float along side of you while keeping everything inside dry! Just let go, and watch Dry Pocket Apparel's auto sealing dry bag seal water tight in under a second. Dry Pocket dry bags are the most convenient to use automatic self sealing waterproof bags that wears as a waterproof backpack. 
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